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Creative Powr is a dedicated team of digital professionals who are committed to helping utilise their knowledge and skills to help transform the future of charities.


Creative Powr is a dedicated team of digital professionals who are committed to helping utilise their knowledge and skills to help transform the future of charities. Alongside this, we want to help young professionals develop their skills in a real-world environment, working alongside some of the most talented individuals within the industry.


Our mission is to generate profound and long-term social impact. By providing these charities with the skills and tools required to transform their digital presence, they can expand their reach and help even more people in their local community. Alongside this, we aim to generate further social impact by giving young people the chance to excel in a professional environment. By working alongside our experienced team, these individuals will be able to learn core skills such as Web Design and Development, Project Management and Business Analysis.


At the core of our company is our mission to create a community of like-minded people who are eager to share their incredible skills to help charities transform their digital presence. We have created a clear support infrastructure, which is combined with robust technology, to ensure that we are always able to support the charities we work with.


Our support structure also extends to the young professionals we work with. Our sister digital agency, 1.3 Creative, regularly receives CV’s from recently qualified and ambitious people; however, our leadership team often has to turn them away as there is simply not the bandwidth or positions suitable for those just starting their career.


At Creative Powr, we aim to still support these individuals by allowing them to prove themselves whilst developing their skills working alongside our team of professionals. This will help them to showcase to future employers their dedication and commitment, helping to ensure their CV can stand out from the crowd.

how we support charities

For countless charities, understanding the digital landscape can be a challenge, and many lack the budget to secure the skilled professionals or knowledge to transform their online presence. This prevents them from achieving their goals and stops them from expanding the incredible work they do.


We believe that together we can help change this, ensuring they receive the professional skills they need to take control and successfully manage their digital presence. We tailor each of our campaigns specifically to the charity we are helping, giving them a truly in-depth and professional marketing campaign that is built around their needs.


To ensure we are helping those charities that require our help the most, we have strict procedures in place that allow us to identify those most in need. Our campaigns are specifically designed to attract charities in certain sectors or regions, and our strong governance programme guarantees only bona fide organisations are chosen.


So no matter whether you are a charity looking to expand your services and take control of your digital presence, or you are a young individual eager to secure a career in the digital world, Creative Powr is here to help you. Get in touch with our team today and discover the creative power that lies within you!

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