Our Campaigns

To help connect with both charities and IT professionals, we run multiple campaigns. They are fun to do, keep us busy and essentially accelerate the number of connections we can build between Charities and IT Professionals.

Food For thought

We think it’s important that people who are reading this page understand that we run very well thought out, well-structured, and professional marketing campaigns.


We think this is important because it allows us to do a level of vetting for the charities by reassuring them that we in fact know that they are charities with real digital issues that need resolving. We have necessary structures in place with which to manage these campaigns, interact with charities, select a charity and then begin the process of working  with the selected charity.


We do have a marketing team that is committed to creating visually appealing campaigns, then marketing those campaigns. We offer a great broad response from charities in a particular sector or in a particular region or a charity with a particular focus. We feel this is important because we do not randomly select a charity. Instead, we want to have a level of formality and professionalism in everything that we do so that we create repeated success in everything we do.

Make africa digital

54 countries, 54 digital transformation projects. Insane and yet incredible.

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