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From the founder

I’m incredibly proud of the core Creative Powr team that we have established. I truly believe we have some of the most talented, forward-thinking professionals in the industry, but more than that, everyone shares the same values and vision.

We all strive to provide the very best service to the charities we work with, not only guaranteeing their success, but also longevity. Over the years, we have hand-picked the best talent possible who are here to help you take your charity to the next level through genuine creative power!


Although not a word many people like, governance is vital to the success of our processes and ensures complete consistency throughout. From our staff and volunteers to the charities that work with us, our governance process guarantees the best experience possible.

We value the time you take in getting in touch with Creative Powr and sharing your story and the challenges you are facing. Our governance team ensures a consistent level of respect and professionalism, guaranteeing we can always provide the very best service possible.

Our governance team is made up of UK-based Carol Messenger, South Africa-based Ken Charles and Madhvi Dalal, who lives in Kenya. 


As Creative Powr relies on the kindness of volunteers looking to grow their careers and help others, we have very few resources. However, we are proud to have a dedicated marketing team who are emotionally connected to our brand and the success of your charity.

Our experienced team, consisting of Cayleigh Green, Rifah Tasnia and Shenique Abrahams are able to create powerful and professional campaigns that can resonate with potential volunteers and charities alike. Their work across all digital platforms ensures the charities that we work with have the right tools, knowledge and focus to spread their message further. 


We have worked hard to build and invest in our unique Recommended Solution Architecture. This system represents a technical landscape that consists of various applications that we utilise to run our charity initiatives and solve any digital problems our clients might be facing.

We utilise WordPress CMS for our websites, as it is not only an incredibly powerful solution, but it is also very user-friendly. Using this as a foundation, charities will be able to build a clear digital presence, and our Recommended Solution Architecture is also heavily orientated around the Google ecosystem.

Our technical team, Wisdom Benneth have an in-depth knowledge of our systems and can help new volunteers understand the tools and expand their knowledge. When resources allow us, we can also provide a complete solution that includes hosting and information to help nurture and sustain the goals of the charity.


We believe there is a tremendous benefit to operating a professional Programme Management Office, allowing us to run several projects concurrently. This will enable us to help more charities and provide meaningful work to more young professionals.

In many respects, our PMO team represents the heart of Creative Powr, ensuring we can build-up, test and handover our proven solutions in a meaningful and structured way. This also guarantees complete transparency and will keep our charities informed with the progress that is being made.

Our head of PMO is Elliot Charles, and he is supported by the talented and hard working Mishal Ebrahim.


Of course, the work we conduct at Creative Powr does not exist in financial isolation, and Sarah Berwick ensures our bills are paid in a timely fashion and keeps our expenses under control. As our dedicated accountant, Sarah Berwick, ensures we can always get the best deal possible for the tools and services, maximising the benefits the charities we work with receive.

volunteer onboarding

Being a Newbie in an established team comes with an equal amount of excitement and nervousness. That is why Wisdom Benneth and Sarah Berwick will make you feel welcome and get up to speed with our working practices, your new team mates and a Charity project. Sounds almost too good to be to true.  


We understand that getting started with a new team of talented professionals may seem overwhelming, that is why Ken Charles and Madhvi Dalal will work with you to gently introduce you to the team. Madhvi runs a charity herself in Kenya called PadMad, and has real world knowledge of how to go about working with a 3rd party to build a digital solution to help change the digital trajectory of your charity. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

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