Make africa digital

Make Africa Digital Campaign’s main purpose is to help Charities and IT Volunteers across the African continent with a digital project.


Across the African continent, there are 54 countries, and our goal is to make a difference in each and every one of those countries by choosing at least one charity from each country, by providing digital assistance with a web design and a digital transformation project. Within these countries, we have thousands of IT professionals graduating every year with no direction into the business world. The Make Africa Digital Campaign creates an opportunity for these graduates to work with our team, giving them the opportunity to not only share their skills but also do what they love doing.


When many of us think of the word charities or how you can help a charity, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘donations’ but we at Creative Powr wanted to help them in a different way, we thought of how we could help them perform better in a digital world, giving them the opportunity to tell the world their story through colours, images and building a brand. We want to show our appreciation for all that they do by Digital Transformation of their project, such as a website design, website redesign or bespoke digital requirement

IT Volunteers

As a student studying Information Technology in the third year of your academic career, you may be searching for a job in your profession to gain valuable working experience. With the help of our Make Africa-Digital Campaign helps IT professionals, as well as IT students, gain essential experience and understanding of the business world through real-world digital projects. Real-world empowering digital projects, solving real problems with real people. Making new friends, challenging who you are and what you stand for. We are here to help volunteers and students with their growth and development, working alongside a purposeful team to ensure that you have the correct understanding and knowledge to tackle digital projects.


Make Africa Digital focusses it’s efforts on the beautiful country of Kenya. Click on the link below to explore more.

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