Kenya Campaign

Make Africa Digital Campaign’s main purpose is to help Charities and IT Volunteers across the African continent with a digital project. 

Introduction - KENYA

The first step on our journey to make Africa digital sees us focusing our efforts on the beautiful country of Kenya. If you are a charity that is struggling to find your footing in the online world then we are here to help! Submit your project and after you have met a few requirements you will hear back from our team and your digital transformation will begin.

If you reside in Kenya and are one of the selfless individuals that would like to lend your services and experience to help with our transformation projects in Kenya then join our team and help make a difference! You don’t need to be a master of the IT field to be accepted, you’ll be a valued member of the team whether you have decades of IT experience or are a fresh-faced recruit just out of college

It's Decision Time!

Join us today to be a part of a better future by submitting your request to become a volunteer and applying for charity.

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