Be the Tech Guru We Need

Are you tech-savvy and passionate about bridging the digital divide?

Creative Powr is actively seeking a Volunteer IT Manager to help us optimize our digital operations and make technology accessible to underserved communities.

Volunteer as an IT Manager

In this pivotal role, you’ll be responsible for overseeing our entire IT infrastructure. This includes managing servers, databases, and networks to ensure high levels of availability and security. You’ll also be tasked with troubleshooting any hardware or software issues, ensuring that our operations run smoothly.

But your role won’t just be about maintaining systems. You’ll also have the opportunity to implement new digital solutions that can enhance our effectiveness and extend our reach. Whether it’s by introducing new collaboration tools or setting up secure cloud storage, your contributions will have a direct impact on our mission.

You’ll work closely with all departments, from marketing to finance, to ensure that our technology solutions are aligned with our organizational goals and mission. Your expertise will help us streamline our operations, improve our services, and ultimately, empower more communities through digital innovation.If you’re an IT professional looking to give back to the community, this is your chance. Fill in the form below to join our team and be the tech guru we need to make a real difference.

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