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    Benefits of Volunteering

    In a professional environment where experience can mean the difference between getting the job and losing the position to a competitor, many people can find it overwhelming to try and find a starting point to build up their professional resume.

    This is where volunteering comes in, signing up to be a volunteer can allow you to hit the ground running and get your dream job. Here are some reasons why volunteering at a non-profit or charity can help set you up for success in the working world.

    1. Build a Professional Network

    Build your professional network by forging lasting relationships with thousands of PMI volunteers and professionals worldwide.


    2. Gain Skills and Experiences

    Develop and sharpen vital new skills, including leadership, collaboration and team-building techniques.


    3. Develop Leadership Skills

    Leverage opportunities to develop your personal leadership skills while making a difference in your profession, community, and life.


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